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A dog that wants to do something is always going to do it better than a dog that is made to do it!

What is Hurtta?

Hurtta develops products for active dogs yearning to get off the beaten track and explore the outdoors all year round, no matter what the weather. We believe that the key to a better life is being active and that goes for both dog and owner. While creating a more active and varied life for your dog, Hurtta makes your life as a dog owner easier and more fun.

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The perfect companion no matter the weather


Great gear for great performance


Cooling Vest

Ideal for the hot South African summers to keep your best friend cool.

Cooling Vest

Dip in cold water – wring dry – cool down! Cools and gives your dog a feeling of comfort on hot days. Protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation. Ideal for walks, training sessions and dog shows. Double absorption capacity in comparison with terry cloth coats. Sizes XXS-S have attachment loops for leash.

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Padded Harness

The best quick drying, harness for all dogs.

Padded Harness

A comfortable, quick drying harness for all dogs. Hurtta Outdoors Padded Harness is a Scandinavian design for the active dog whether he is exploring woodland, swimming in the sea or pottering around town. The material is neoprene which is the same stuff wetsuits are made of so when your dog get's wet, his harness will dry very quickly but also won't rub him when wet or dry.

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What makes Hurtta different?


Did you know that Hurtta makes equipment for all dogs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes? It is important to us that all Hurtta products function in a way that promotes the health and well-being of dogs. Our aim is to offer dogs high quality products that are safe and comfortable to use.

Achieving good quality requires professional development that takes into account the individual needs and shapes of different breeds. Our product development team is the only one in the world to carry out research and development on clothing for different dogs and different conditions.

Test groups around the world test our products in practice. Our pattern system is based on the measurement data of more than 4,000 dogs collated over our twenty-year history. Each new product is fitted and tested on dozens of breeds.

The perfect fit

Select the correct product size for your dog to make sure that it fits and feels comfortable.

You can find a size tracker on each product page. Select the breed of your dog to see the recommended sizes. You can also find instructions for measuring your dog and a measurement chart from which you can check the size of your dog when choosing the right product.

See all our Hurtta Products

Our Hurtta Range

iPetcare is the widest stockist of Hurtta products. We stock the following:

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